Innovator Profile: Engagement Agents Optimizes Marketing Campaigns
This report forms part of our Innovator Profile series, which focuses on emerging technologies that are disrupting traditional retail and fueling innovation across the retail value chain.
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Making Mall Marketing More Effective
When retailers make investments to bolster their business – whether the investment involves acquiring the latest technological gadget, employee training,
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Engagement Agents named among 50 global tech start-ups powering the new retail world
The Discovery 50 report, published today by RWRC, showcases the world’s top tech start-ups and shines a light on innovative solutions that can support the retail sector – both during the pandemic and in the future.
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Retailer and Shopping Center Collaboration is Key
Retailers and developers need to work together to utilize their available marketing channels for a win-win scenario for everyone.
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Roots Provides Shopping Centers With Consistent Yet Localized Marketing Campaigns
Shopping centers often promote their retailers’ marketing campaigns via various digital and physical channels to drive traffic and sales. While retailers generally pay for shopping center marketing as part of their lease agreements,
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Omni Talk Spotlight Series | Engagement Agents
As part of our ongoing Omni Talk Spotlight Series, this week Chris and Anne sit down with Sean Snyder, Founder and President of Engagement Agents.
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Engagement Agents Featured in Innovation Lab at 2019 NRF: Retail’s Big Show
When the world’s largest retail trade association hosts its annual mega-show, a rising power in the retail-based service arena will make its big expo debut. Meet
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Engagement Agents releases 3rd Annual Black Friday Retailer Engagement Report
Black Friday 2018 was one of the busiest shopping days of the year. By all accounts, a resounding success for both in-store and online sales.
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Did retailers flourish or flounder on Father's Day?
While not every retailer caters to Dad, it is safe to say every retailer had a campaign running on June 17th and the days or weeks leading up to it; whether it was a new collection, featured product, sale, gift with purchase, contest or event.
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Report: Retailers miss maximizing Mother’s Day mall marketing
According to research, Mother’s Day is the third largest retail holiday, behind the winter holidays and the back-to-school season.
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