What happened in retail on the April 1st weekend was no joke, here is why...
As I strolled through my nearby shopping centre this past weekend, it is clear that traffic is down and, presumably for most retailers, sales are as well.
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New Company Helps Retailers and Shopping Centres Recoup Billions in Lost Sales
A whopping 90% of retailers in North America are failing to take advantage of a significant marketing channel that they’re already paying for, and a new company is helping both retailers and shopping centres address this problem to recover the collective billions in lost consumer
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One BIG problem with retail summed up in one small slide
Today, Engagement Agents released their first Retailer Engagement Report based on Black Friday 2016. The results are concerning:
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Engagement Agents releases Winter 2016 Retailer Engagement Report
Black Friday weekend and Boxing week are, arguably, the busiest shopping times of the year. Both were, by all accounts, a resounding success for both in-store and online sales.
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