Achieve up to 30% more traffic & sales by engaging the "hidden" marketing dollars already paid for daily within your leases!

Achieve up to 30% more traffic & sales by engaging the "hidden" marketing dollars already paid for daily within your leases!

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How We Help Retailers

Engagement Agents helps retailers promptly optimize leases and/or reduce lease obligations, drive traffic & sales (in-store and online), prevent lost traffic & sales to competitors, save measurable amounts of time, money and resources while ensuring the proper compliance/cadence of their marketing campaigns.

Every retailer pays significantly for marketing opportunities daily through their leases; via gross rent, variable rent, CAM fees, marketing/promo/ad funds, merchant association fees and/or percentage rent.

Every shopping center promotes their retailers’ marketing campaigns to millions of consumers to drive traffic and sales; via their mobile site, website, app, social media, email list, physical marketing opportunities, events and/or onsite digital signage.

However, only 10% of retailers engage the benefits of these significant investments, collectively costing retailers hundreds of billions in sales every year!

The Engagement Agents platform makes it easy for you to engage these already-paid-for opportunities and:


Maximize the marketing within your leases and/or help reduce lease obligations.

Increase Traffic 
& Sales

Drive more impressions, traffic and sales to your stores, e-commerce and social channels.

Prevent Lost Traffic & Sales

Not being promoted means you are paying your shopping centers daily to promote your competitors.


Save measurable amounts of time, money and resources.


Ensure your brand and campaigns are current, consistent, correct and compliant.

Success Stories

Retailers just like you dramatically improved their marketing, traffic, sales, competitive advantages, operations, output and profitability with Engagement Agents!


In lease optimizations

Helped a 1,000-store retailer identify and optimize the marketing costs within their leases to drive more traffic and sales.


Increase in traffic

Generated more in-store & online traffic for a 30-store retailer via their shopping centers' marketing channels.


Increase in sales

Enabled a 100-store retailer to drive more sales by engaging their already-paid-for shopping centers' marketing channels.


In savings

Savings for a 140-store retailer that optimized time, salaries & resources spent on shopping center marketing efforts.

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How It Works

We make it easy to optimize your leases, increase traffic & sales, enjoy savings and ensure compliance! 

Engagement Agents significantly improves your already-paid-for shopping center marketing and retail digital marketing, promptly driving a Return on Engagement!

Features & Benefits

Local Marketing Maximized

Ensure marketing campaigns are promoted at the local level to attract shoppers with a high purchase intent.

One Platform

Not only save money, time and resources but also avoid thousands of hours of labor and duplicate efforts.

Collaborative Solution

Build better & stronger relationships with your shopping center marketing partners to be top of mind.

Tracking & Analytics

Access real-time stats & facts to make better business and marketing decisions.

SaaS-Based Solution

An easy to use Software as a Service platform! No hardware or software required.

Social Sharing

Encourages consumers to share your campaigns with their social networks to drive incremental traffic and sales.

Improve Your SEO

Increase your own search engine rankings and discoverability within your shopping centers’ marketing channels.

5-Star Service

Your dedicated Engagement Agents Account Manager will ensure your success!



Our Story

We LOVE retail!

Engagement Agents is an award winning platform, founded based on first-hand retail experience to solve the significant challenges every retailer faces…

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